What about the weight?


It is like an epidemic.

All over the world, in any kind of place, there exists the paranoia, worry and obsession with weight.

It eventually became a major money making industry, which produced weight reduction gadgets, pills and machines etc.

And still today the only healthy ways to loose weight are the most torturous of them all.

Exercise & Diet.

We don’t understand the energy dynamics of our body. We are limited to our scientific knowledge of the body, nutrition and exercise. But what if there was more to it?

What if food, calories, exercise, yoga etc. were not the only cause for weight gain or weight loss for your body? What else is there about weight management or weight loss, that you are not aware of?
What about the energy that our body is made of? Could it be possible that we gain weight because of the energy that we keep in our space? Could that be a solution for weight gain or weight loss?

Come find out at SOL.

Come in for an insightful session, which introduces you to more than what the eye can see and pick up loads of fun tools, which will effectively help you be the body, weight, energy you truly desire.

Explore practical techniques to continue to experience the joy of eating and be the body your body truly chooses to be.

Enjoy your weight with us at SOL.