To be a Woman

Women are powerful.


So very powerful.


Now, we know exactly what we are capable of and we are ready to take on the world! No one can tell us we have roles to play. Not anymore.


Never again.


We can experience ourselves fully in our feminine essence and at the same time be strong and independent individuals whose power and authority are rooted within us, without compromising on our natural energy of care and nurturing.


We need to take care of each other.


So, if you or your loved one is such a woman of today, here at SOL, we are offering a full day session to take this journey further and assist and support in any way possible to contribute to the physical, mental, emotional and energetic wellness of a woman.


Woman to Woman.


‘To Be A Woman’ is an interactive and enjoyable workshop to explore how to apply your feminine power to create what you want.


Explore the goddess that you truly are.


Pick up a whole tool kit of exercises, tips and fun tools which are simple to ensure good health in your mind, body and spirit and explore the power of being a woman.


Be the woman you choose to be. Not the one you are told to be.