One-to-One Sessions


Going to SOL was definitely one of the best decisions of my life, which helped me rediscover myself to live a peaceful and stress free life, amongst this chaotic and stressful environment. Whenever I have been to SOL in person, I have always experienced lightness at the end of each session.

Ms. Priya has been quite helpful in my rediscovery journey, by providing some valuable insights and tools to make my life joyful. Every session was quite helpful in reflecting the actions and tools used from the previous sessions and I sense the feeling of change in myself. It really helped me transform myself and achieve some personal goals. I can strongly testify that every single moment at SOL was worth the time and effort, you could invest to become a better person.




Your voice is a powerful tool to motivate anyone. Whenever I’ve reached out to you for help, you’ve always made me realize more about the tools and questions learnt in the sessions. Whenever I felt low and failed to use the techniques you’ve always listened to me and helped me rise above the situation. Even though the worst scenarios do appear, I immediately start expanding the energy and use the tools. Of late I’ve realized it’s me who is becoming stronger. 




The best thing about you is that you are always there for your client. At any point, if they reach out, you help. Even after the sessions are done, time no bar! And that matters a lot!




You helped me in giving a better perspective to seeing and analysing my problems and gave me confidence to come out of them with ease.




Something happened yesterday that I wanted to share with you. I forgot to do something at work yesterday and realised at night when I was at home. So the old me would have worried all night and not slept and ran early to work to check. But I used your technique and asked my self “so what,” what will happen if I forgot. What majorly can happen? I realised that nothing serious can happen and so slept in peace and came to work today and my colleague said it does not matter if you forgot, we forget all the time. So thank you for this technique. It’s really helping me. 




You have provided me a safe space in every interaction. I have never felt judged by you. 

You’ve always shown me practical ways to move out of stuck situations.

Your questions always help me become aware of my self.


You respond to my questions even on messages not just while in a session.




The benefit of being your client is that there is somebody like you in our lives who constantly supports, encourages and assists on how to live a better life, face challenges, developing mindsets and the list goes on. Taking your work online will make your understanding of life reach to a larger number of people.




I’ve seen a lot of improvement in my behaviour and moreover I’ve become very confident and I’m being positive about everything. I can see the change clearly because I wasn’t like this I’m a totally changed person and I feel really happy about it and I can’t thank you enough for always supporting me.




Yours is a ‘No bullshit’ approach. It helped me connect to the universal truth/myself.


-Business woman, Hyderabad


I had many life questions. You answered them all.



One of my friends in Delhi suggested me to meet Mrs. Haripriya Naresh when I was passing through a depressed phase as I was not happy with my life both personally & professionally. Then I visited Sanctuary of Life which opened new avenues for my life. Haripriya is a very friendly and empathetic person who invites us with a pure smile. She patiently listens to everything that we say and asks us a lot of questions to know about ourselves deeply. Her words have a lot of power and they influence us a lot. She gives a complete new perspective of life which gives us a lot of confidence boost. She is amazing as a coach and a mentor in helping us to put our thought process in the right direction. She helps in making us learn some new practices and habits with which we can have a complete positive outlook towards our life which in turn helps us to stay away from negative thoughts and stay confident and joyful even in the toughest phases of our lives. I had a great experience in Sanctuary of Life. Every session is an eye opener and highly motivating. I can say that I re-invented myself at SOL. I feel grateful to find a friend cum mentor cum life coach in Priya. Whenever I’m low or stressed, she is just a phone call or whatsapp message away. Whenever I try to communicate with her she quickly responds. There is a great change in the way I look at life and the way I live. If anybody wants to explore their full potential and want to become a better version of themself, if anybody wants to explore the joy of living, SOL is the place they should go.



I have known Haripriya for many years now and consider her a metaphysical marvel. She is an encyclopedia of energy and healing tools, and her knowledge is grounded in universal energy principles with her own fun take on life and its occurrences. She has a vibrant and light energy about her , an agile mind and a generous heart that is ever willing to help others and empower them to their best self. Her sprightly , fun outlook and her dedicated and persistent attitude towards her work reveal that she has worked on herself adequately to hold a certain consciousness for others and shine light where one may experience darkness or confusion or other challenging emotions. I deeply appreciate the non judgmental and open space she holds for me and the energy of openness and curiosity she maintains towards life and all its madness. She is exceptionally gifted at her uniquely channelled hypnotherapy sessions and I find that my deepest transformation and work happens here. She also offers really refreshing and insightful perspectives on situations along with her arsenal of Bars Access Consciousness tools and especially helps loosen up energy when I have felt stuck in a matter. Haripriya is an inspiration for living a life with high energy , good health and being a sincere and committed individual to living a life of purpose. I wish her well in all her endeavours !


My association with Haripriya started a couple of years ago with an Access Bars session combined with some counseling. I had no idea about all this but went anyway because my sister insisted. I wouldn’t consider myself a closed minded person but I was in blissful ignorance. During this session, it wasn’t just what she said but how she said it that started changing things for me. She started to paint a bigger picture for me. She wouldn’t just tell me things but invited me to explore. Explore my reality, my truths and my potential because no two people are the same. She truly practices what she preaches, holds no judgements whatsoever and is forever ready to guide and facilitate. It is amazing to realise that there is so much that we don’t yet know and so much abundance of everything out there for us to tap into. It sounds cheesy, but honestly, there is more ease in my life and it is so exciting cause there is so much to explore and I’ve only just begun!


Thank you Hari Priya for being who you are and always being so accessible! “Walk in with a curious mind and watch your world change around you.”



I have come to know Haripriyaji through my friend and I have gotten several sessions in-person at her office and also via Facetime on how to handle illness of a child and some other serious family issues which have come up after the passing away of my child.


The sessions on “Body Processes” and also how to manage stress, depression and building “emotional stamina” are of immense help.

The “tools” she provides and the time she takes to listen to me gave instant upliftment and practicing the key methods and internalizing them bought internal peace and strength to handle the situation. The sessions with Haripriyaji are always enriching and give me courage to face the situation boldly and graciously.


-Sreenivas Sama. Seattle , USA

Online Sessions


I have found a counselor in you who is soooo easy to talk to, you make such a positive environment that after a session I am filled with so much positive energy. You have such amazing and simple techniques that one can use in any situation. You make me realise my own solution with the help of your tools and you explain with examples, which makes it easier to relate to. You don’t spread bookish knowledge; you don’t just help solve a current solution but also help in addressing the ground problem so that no further issues occur. Overall when a person comes for counseling it’s already such a hard decision however you make that process so easy and helpful that one knows that this is always an option to talk to you before things get really crazy. It’s a sacred space and release space that is so easy to come to. You are such a positive person and you help us look at the bright side of life when we need it… which is amazing…Keep spreading self love and joy!!! Regards, a super satisfied client .




The biggest positive of working with you is that, you never make the other person feel that there is a problem. You break down everything to the smallest possible detail and make the person understand that, “ yeh toh kuch bhi nahi hai”. You instill positivity and happiness in the person with only your words. This is possibly your biggest asset. You make people look at things practically and most importantly you make people understand their own minds and selves. Thank you for all the help! 


-An IT professional working abroad

Classes and Workshops


I learnt Access Bars from Priya two years back unaware of what positive impact it could have on my life. l practiced it very irregularly. I was suffering from some negative energy influence in my family. Some energy changed in positive way it can’t be changed fully but I got much confidence to deal with it. Its really a wonderful process. I learnt other access consciousness processes from Priya like Mtvss and an eye process, which worked wonderfully. My son had a bad sinus problem and by running this process within some time he got relief. Mtvss worked for his metabolism very effectively. He lost some weight also. I want people to know more about these miraculous processes and get benefited from it. Thanks to Priya a wonderful lady who changed my life.




You make concepts very simple. Access can be a bit overwhelming, You make it look easy.




Everything that you taught me stayed with me. You communicate well. You ensured that you cleared all my doubts in your class. You taught me well. You put me on my journey of discovering and learning and in the process became my friend and confidante! You have been a great contribution in my life! Thank you! 




Hey Haripriya this is about is my experience with you. First of all your clarity and mastery over the subject is noteworthy. You make sure that we have understood the subject. Your voice and style of teaching using charts makes it easy for me to remember. Your love to reach and help as many as possible and create the awareness of the possibilities is amazing.




I did a bars class with Haripriya and it was the best decision of my life. It has changed my life for the good. So get your bars run as often.  




I attended the Access Bars class and experienced getting my bars run and when I went back home, and life opened up to me again, I revisited the notes from our class, and I just wanted to thank you for that knowledge.  

It got me out of a bad place.




Hello Aunty. Had great FUN today. Also learnt a lot of new things. It was a wonderful experience. Eagerly waiting for next SOL workshop!!



I have learned running of bars from Haripriya in the year 2017 and have been practicing it on and off due to my busy schedule. But in whatever I have practiced it has helped me a lot. Anxiety level has reduced.  There is peace of mind now and change in perspective towards many things.

I have learned MTVSS and different body processes too. They are quick pain reliever without any medicine and it all works. And above all the way Haripriya taught all of it is commendable. She is very calm and answers to all your queries in no time and with patience. She tries to help her students in every possible manner and is always there for them.

– Renu


Haripriya is very energetic and dynamic. She makes the subject interesting and perceivable. She has got a thorough command on subject and always ready to clarify even a small doubt. Her method of explaining by writing on the board makes it easy to grasp and retain. Her workshops are lively.




The Access Bars class was everything I was looking for ! All the magical stuff I imagined actually exists. My facilitator Haripriya Naresh made the class enjoyable and added practical activities for most of the content, which made it easier to grasp and use the tools with more ease.

After the class, I have noticed tremendous changes in me and the way things started to show up in my life .




Hi Friends, 

I was seeking relief for a lingering health problem since almost a decade. After undergoing treatment through various routes like allopathy, homeopathy, ayurveda, counseling, alternate therapies, i finally got hope and respite when Mrs. Haripriya, a certified counselor and multi-faceted therapist suggested a technique called ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS. I agreed and she ran my bars. She gave me five sessions at a frequency of once a week. I felt positive changes after the second and third session. After about a month of completion of those five sessions I felt fresh and energetic physically and emotionally. It was as if some unknown force to take care of my body by eating the right food was guiding me, doing physical exercises, practice yoga and many more such things. I started losing weight, looked and felt better than the earlier tired, drained out self. Simple things like climbing stairs that earlier made me huff and pant became effortless. Life was beautiful again! 

Right from knee pain, backache, depression, fever, relationship issues, career issues, academics, money —it has a panacea for everything.  

I could not find such fast results with other therapies that I had taken. It was as if an angel (Mrs. Haripriya) waved a magic wand over me and all positive changes started manifesting.  

She gave me certain short but very effective exercises from Access Consciousness to practice and I found very positive results with them too and experienced a sea change in myself. 

I would just suggest—Give it a try. You have to experience it to know what it is!! Good luck




My experience with the Access Bars class is very beautiful as I got lot of ease & comfort in my life! The energy in the class is awesome!



Therapeutic Tarot Card Reading


Hi Priya you have been one of the important change agents in my life by just being the individual that you are. You are a Lovely bubbling energy. Your card readings have mostly touched my core – they seemed very personal, neutral and eye-opening to me. The energy you hold at many times has helped me look at many of my experiences dispassionately and with neutrality. You have also been a major contribution in introducing many beautiful concepts of perspectives to me. (For instance, looking at any story drama with awareness, not letting my space clutter with other’s emotions or clutter or garbage… ). Becoming aware of my power to choose the quality of my space and energy.



Haripriya is a fantastic therapist. She gives me and my daughter great clarity and focus with our lives. She gives incredible tools to help expand my universe. My daughter has got more confidence after speaking to Haripriya and I’ve learnt Tarot. Thank you so much for changing our lives. Love you.



For Articles

As first person feedback, i feel your articles are really relatable. A breath of fresh air in all of the world’s madness. Every article I read gives me personally a fresh new insight and a rather different perspective to all those topics.