Teen Talk

Being a parent brings with it a lot of responsibility, worries and tension.


As much as we try to say otherwise; we all do it, we sit and analyze every aspect of our children’s activities, we worry about who they hang out with, what they do in their free time, their academics, what they will choose to become.


We worry about everything.


Do you sit and worry about the things your child is learning and picking up from their peers in school? Do you wish there was a safe space for your budding teen to learn and explore everything she is curious about and more over everything she needs to know?


The safest path is the path of knowledge. With knowledge comes awareness and with awareness comes the ability to fend for one’s self and to identify what is wrong and bad.


SOL therefore invites you to bring your teen for an interactive and insightful session for Teen Girls to help understand their body, feelings and their life better.


SOL creates an informative and non-judgmental space for young girls to explore and question things that they are not comfortable talking about. The session will include-

  • Getting to know one’s body better.
  • Know more about crushes, love, relationships and sexuality.
  • How to keep yourself safe in the real world and distinguish between the good and bad.
  • Self esteem and self confidence.
  • Hopes, dreams, anxieties.
  • Confusing personal and emotional issues.


So all the Bold and Beautiful Teen Girls out there, who are ready to question, challenge, discover and explore the intrigues of life and living, walk right through the doors of Sanctuary of Life.