Teen Scene



This is your time. And it’s not coming back.


You step into your teens and so many things change; classroom dynamics, your changing body, peer pressure, unpleasant friends and all the teenage drama. This is probably the most excitement packed phase of your life. Yes, drama is quite annoying and unpleasant but there is a fun side to it too.


We invite you to SOL to explore with us the fun side of your teens and everything you need to know to equip you for them.


Often teens feel misunderstood and find it hard to communicate their true feelings. This is a platform, which is created for them to express themselves, put forward their questions anonymously and get answers in the simplest way possible. Here teenagers find a non-judgmental space where they understand more about who and what they are all about; what life actually is and get to thrash out many of the ambiguities they experience about parents, friends, studies and life ahead.


So come get your Teen on with our Teen Scene workshop!