Tarot Reading Class

Have you ever felt drawn to the concept of Tarot?


There exists a certain mystery within the faces of Tarot cards. The symbols in each card itself can have a multitude of meaning. This meaning can resonate with the events in your life quite deeply. Tarot is after all an interpretation; it connects differently with different people depending on the experiences they have had in their lives. Tarot is a very spiritual and fun journey of exploring the nuances of life and living.


You get to look at how the past is influencing your present and how your future is already being shaped by the choices you are making now.


*Learn how to read the hidden secrets of the cards.

*Uncover the confusions and conflicts deep inside you.

*Develop your intuition and sixth sense.

* Explore what no one else may teach you about using Tarot ‘Therapeutically’.


You can use this class to become a Professional Tarot Reader, just read for family and friends or even just for yourself, to create more communion and discover your inner world.


Through the world of tarot, you add a new layer to your persona and help become a better ‘You’.

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