Space Clearing Made Simple

Your home is your sanctuary. It protects you. It shelters you from the world. It nurtures you like a mother’s womb. Just as the space you spend so much time in takes care of you, you need to do the same for it.


Dust and dirt can collect in your physical environment, so can stagnant energy debris.


Energy debris builds up when negative emotions, thoughts, events, stress, worry etc. accumulates in any physical space such as a home, office, shop or factory.


If left unchecked, it can also affect your physical, mental and emotional bodies.


Clearing space can bring about shifts in your financial situations, relationships, health and the interpersonal behaviour of the people living with you.


SOL invites you to come and explore how to use easily available material to clear space and also learn energetic techniques to transform your space into a peaceful and tranquil one, vibrating with the radiance of positivity.