The Magic of Conscious Sexuality

Sensuality, Sexuality and Sex.


It’s not all about sex. No, sex is just a leaf on the tree of conscious sexuality.


In our society, sex is almost a taboo. People do not appreciate or indulge in talking about it.


That is bound to leave a lot of us with a lot of questions isn’t it?


There are misidentified and misapplied beliefs related to these aspects of our being that so often people don’t want to talk about.


How can we live life with such a naïve outlook due to the lack of knowledge?


Well, you don’t have to.


SOL chooses to create a supportive, non-judgmental, open and aware space where these topics can be discussed with ease.


Inviting all the bold and brave-hearts who wish to come forward and explore how sensuality and sexuality can be a joyful expression of life!


Come and get to know more about what creates your sexual energy, the art of seduction and many more topics which you haven’t been able to discuss with anyone yet.


It isn’t only about the way you look……there is so much more than meets the eye…