Sexuality, Sensuality & Sexualness

“I am so clueless about sex, I want my first time to be informed.”
“I seem to attract the wrong partners.”
“Men don’t find my body attractive.”
“I don’t think I am a sexual person. Maybe I’m a-sexual.”
“I like being with men, but I like being with women too.”
“My wife does not look at me the same way anymore.”
“I am a woman trapped in a man’s body.”
“I am inadequate.”
“I think she is cheating.”
“Men scare me, after that night.”


Sexuality is not what you have been told it is. Sensuality does not make you provocative. The gap in your relationship can be fixed. You are not alone in your questioning and pondering.


You may be thinking alone, but you don’t need to. At SOL you can think out loud and delve into a world of exploration and a space of your own creation with the safety of confidentiality.


With the guidance of our life coach, you can explore areas of sexuality and sensuality that you are uncertain about, you can ask the questions that you have never dared to ask before and find the solutions within yourself. You can let go of the trauma of past experiences. Bring back the spark of sexual attraction; work on any past sexual abuse and resolve sexual dysfunctions.


After all YOU are your own solution. We just provide you with the right equation.