Are you a young adult, caught up in the maze of growing up?


Is everything happening too fast?


There comes a point in life where we transition from wanting to grow up fast to actually growing up too fast. With everything in motion; high school is already over and you have to get your adult-on now for college; before you know it, college is over too and it is time to step into the real world but it’s all going too fast.


You just need it to slow down so you can catch your breath. We know…


This module is purely for you.


The young adults, 18-22 years of age, seem to be at that phase of their lives where they are figuring out who they are while dealing with new, unique problems and challenges. This can be a very exciting and confusing time, while they are in the midst of exploring vocation, social roles, lifestyle and intimacy.


Remix is a workshop where these young adults can address and brainstorm various speed bumps that come their way and how to build a platform for the future of their choice.

Come catch your breath and figure out your momentum with us at SOL.