The energy of universal life, Reiki, is an ancient Japanese energy technique that teaches you to use all that is within you to heal yourself. The art of Reiki has been carried down generations from one master to another.

Reiki encourages a communion with one’s self and all that is around us.
The only belief that exists in this technique is that of the energy of the universe and the energy within each human being. You can channel this energy through you to heal and relieve yourself and others.

Learning Reiki involves 3 levels-

Level 1, is a beginner’s level. After this you will be equipped to practice Reiki on yourself and others as well.
Level 2, is a more advance form of Reiki. Here you learn more techniques like symbols and distance healing and you are better equipped to practice on others.
Level 3, is for those who desire to become Reiki masters. Reiki masters are equipped to begin teaching the art of Reiki and carry forward the art form.


At SOL we encourage you to learn to heal yourself through the ancient art of Reiki.