Pet Clinic

Why do we have pets?


Perhaps somewhere it is the innocence of their being, their truly unconditional love, their everlasting acceptance, their judgment free aura or to have someone warm and soft to hold on to.


SOL is after all a sanctuary. We therefore tend to all beings, of all kinds.


Every pet owner undergoes a moment of dis-ease when their pets are sick or in pain. We understand you and your relationship with your pet. We therefore invite you to gift your pet the healing they require.


Our therapists are equipped with hands on body processes that will help your pet with any issues of bodily discomfort, pain, rigidities in their joints, immunity, cataract, post-surgical healing and any other ailments.


At our pet clinic you can help your pet regain their health and also learn how to heal your pet yourself. We believe that the most healing hands for your pet are your own. Most importantly, learn how to be in communion with the bodies of your pets, the same way you are in communion with your own body.


Learn with us, the art of giving back to the beautiful creatures that give us so much.