Path to Holistic Wellness

Half-day Workshop


This workshop addresses the concept of wellness across the four levels of our existence; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. In order to find balance, wholeness and fulfilment in our lives, we need to understand and be in communion with our deeper core.

When we work towards creating a more positive, balanced and peaceful core, we experience a transformational change. If our core is negative, we think, feel and behave in a negative manner and if we ensure that our core is positive then all aspects of our personal and professional life is influenced by positivity.


Through this workshop the participants will:-

*Gain a deeper understanding of each of the levels of existence.

*Will be introduced to certain guidelines, which will indicate their state of wellness for each level.

*Techniques will be imparted to develop, heal and integrate any imbalances at the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.


We therefore invite you to revive your core with us at SOL.