Know your Venus

There she sits, pouring her heart out and explaining it all to you,


All you can see is a blur. You don’t know what’s going on; you don’t know what she is trying to say; more than anything, you are so confused and all you want is for both of you to be on the same page!


The same page does not really exist here, because women are a different species from men. She doesn’t think like you do; she doesn’t feel the way you do; her mind functions in a completely different way.


You can never get her to understand you, until you understand her.


And that is all she wants.


For you to understand her.


SOL therefore brings you a session only for the male species, to explore and unravel the intriguing and mystical, sometimes frustrating nature and dynamics of the opposite sex.
You can learn new ways to relate to the women in your life, may it be your mother, sister, friend, boss, colleague, girl friend, wife, mother in law or daughter.


This is an invitation to men to live out their relationships with these mysterious and magnetic beings effortlessly.