Hands that Mould

The Mind-Body-Spirit dynamics behind Parenting


A mother is born the day her child is born. The matter is the same with a father.


Therefore, the day your child comes into the world, so do the parents in you. You both enter on the same playing field with as much experience as the other.


You are no longer who you were. You are now so much more.


Every action you take; every word you say makes an impact on your child now. You are now responsible for another beautiful being.


‘Hands That Mould’ can help you discover the beauty of being a parent.


It is a very insightful and practical session, which throws light on what lies beyond the story and drama of a parent-child interaction.

  • To be able to understand what the eyes are not able to see.
  • Meet the ‘Human-behind-your-child.’
  • Brainstorm the essentials that lead to a stress-free and harmonious environment at home.
  • It seems that we need to teach our children to have faith and trust. Do we walk our talk while dealing with them?
  • Let’s face the reality! Isn’t there a need to discipline ourselves before we discipline our children; the need to control our anger before we accuse them of tantrums?
  • Don’t worry about your children never listening to you, worry that they are always watching.
  • So let’s also focus on “Parental-care” along with “Child-care” in this life-altering workshop.


Explore how we seem to be doing exactly what we hated being done to us when we were kids.


Be the best, for your child.