Fire flies

Shakespeare once described the world as a stage and men and women as mere players.


But the world is not a stage, is it?


The beauty of art lies in the ability to warp reality and create that, which does not exist. Art knows no boundaries, it carries no judgment, it stands for no singular thing.


Art lies within the creations of your child’s mind. Your child is a work of art after all.


At SOL we harness this work of art and combine it with the art of the stage, the art of theatre.


Using the medium of theatre we:

*Explore the hidden wealth of inner potential
*Build self confidence and self esteem
*Eliminate comfort zones
*Enable more outspoken and communicative behavior
*Explore creativity and imagination
*Develop skills to be proactive in life
* Learn to explore new things


We thus invite you to help your teen develop life skills and so much more through the beautiful world of theatre.