Clinical Hypnotherapy

Your best choice is you.
Here at SOL, every day is a YOU day.
We believe that you are your best remedy.


We therefore invite you to a session of Clinical Hypnotherapy to heal yourself.


No, we are not going to hypnotize you and make you bark like a dog. It doesn’t quite work like that.


How do we do it then? Well…


Clinical hypnotherapy is a therapeutic technique of relaxing the body, creating a pleasant state of deep inner calm and setting aside the conscious mind so as to access the subconscious mind.


Harnessing the power of your mind!


The subconscious mind is like a computer. It is constantly being programmed. From all that is heard and said by others around us we believe and accept many thoughts and perceptions. These are all stored in the subconscious mind. Besides these, all our experiences of the past are also stored here along with the emotional and mental charges with which we went through them.  Accessing these, help resolve issues that have come up in our present, help gain clarity and break down certain blocks and barriers. We can even change certain faulty beliefs and thought patterns.


The human mind is very powerful and has all the potential to heal on its own. Through Hypnotherapy a lot of things like misbelieves, traumas, emotions, pain and depression can be traced back and the mind can be set on the correct path to see things in the right perspective.
Inner child work, sub-personality work and regression are some of the modalities to explore through Hypnotherapy.


What is regression anyway?


Regression is going into the past, as recent as an hour back or even many years back and is used to trace the causes and probable reasons why the ailment might have originated. Regression is simply to understand or diagnose the origin of the ailment or dis-ease and trace which patterns of thoughts or emotions or energy or physical discomfort need to be attended to in order to find a relief.


You can heal yourself


The most beautiful part about hypnotherapy is that you are in consultation with your own mind, and do your own healing. It is your mind and your awareness, which decides what the problem is, what the cause is and how to fix the same in the most appropriate manner. The therapist just facilitates the session.


So help us help you help yourself by signing up for a hypnotherapy session and experience your mind’s ways.