About us.

The question popping up in your mind right about now is probably – So what is
Well, it’s quite simple really. SOL is a journey.
A journey that started in 1985, when a young Haripriya stumbled upon the
questions that life threw at her. Curious about the intricate complexities of the human behavior, she set her course in the direction of Psychology. During her path down this road eventually she took on different roles. The role of a professional, a wife, a mother, a daughter-in- law and so many more just as many other women do. However somewhere down this road, she turned into the roles that she played and lost out on the essence of ‘her’.


One morning as she yelled at her kids because of their childish misbehavior, she found herself in the skin of another. No more was she the happy, bubbly curious woman she once was. She had turned irritable, snappy and not very happy. She had turned, just as we all do.
‘Being a mother is a miracle of nature, not a weight on my shoulder. Being a wife has filled my life with so much love, not irritation. Living life can be easier; I just have to make it. But how…?’

They say, when the student is ready, teachers appear. And so they did. Her first teacher came along in the disguise of an old friend. And so she began with the art of Reiki and within it she discovered the world of energy.


After 8 years of exploring the sciences of behavior, she had discovered that
behavior is caused by the mind. She found herself unable to interpret and study the workings of the mind and therefore altered her course towards alternate medicine. And once again she buried her nose into her books. Only this time she went after energy medicine, clinical hypnotherapy, advance regression sciences like past-life therapy and inner child work and the like. And she felt herself regaining control over her thoughts, emotions and her life.

Slowly she mastered the workings of her mind and the pieces that had fallen away were rejoined.


But alas! There is no end to knowledge and Haripriya was not nearly done being a student. Exploring different avenues to create a faster and easier flow of life she became a certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness. She now encompassed so much knowledge and found only one outlet; sharing her newfound work with so many who lived life unlike their own, just as she had. And there within these desires lay the inception of Sanctuary of Life. A space that started out as her own sanctuary from life, had been turned into a sanctuary of life.

So lets get back to, What is SOL?

Well, its quite simple really.

SOL is your journey.